Belgacom Clans
For Belgacom, I shot a series (a few hundred, actually) of portraits of the families that feature in the new Belgacom ad-series, Clans. I made a little composition of a few of those portraits. Client: Belgacom Agency: VVL/BBDO Production: Who Killed Joe?
Personal work
Some images from a recent test-shoot with Brenda @ Models Office. Make-up artist: Yung @ Models Office
PURATOS Nutrition
For Belgian food-industry multinational PURATOS we recently shot this campaign-image. Luckily we were in time to shoot those gorgeous wheatfields, before they were harvested days just later… Perfect timing! Client: PURATOS Photographer; Thomas Vanhaute Production: Who Killed Joe? Styling: Julie D’ Hooghe Retouching: Annelien Debusschere
Libelle TV launch campaign
I shot this image for the Libelle TV launch campaign. Client: Sanoma Publishing Agency: VVL/BBDO Creative Director: Jan Baert Art Buyer: Roxane Lemaire Photographer: Thomas Vanhaute Production: Who Killed Joe?
Touring Glass
Spring 2013 campaign for Touring Glass Client: Touring Glass Agency: CAT AD: Anna van Herreweghe Photo: Thomas Vanhaute Photo retouching: Sylvain Payelle Production: Who Killed joe