Retouching – Before & After

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12 Mar 2014 in Uncategorized

Author : Thomas Vanhaute

A little while ago I was asked to photograph a (female) flight-officer of the Belgian Airforce. I like my jets, so a very exciting job, indeed!
We met the charming flight-lieutenant on the tarmac, just as she returned from a training flight from France.
The Alpha-Jet trainer aircraft was parked in front of what I assumed to be it’s hangar, just beside a wooded patch. Not a very exciting background for what needed to be a movie-like portrait shot…

But of course you can’t just move a jet to what you consider to be a ‘nicer location’, so it was all hands on deck in post-production.

I decided to remove the trees completely, and insert a nice summer sky photo from my archieves.
All in all not too dificult, but quite time-consuming. good fun nonetheless, and with rather pleasing result I thought!

On the right you see the final retouches image, next to the RAW-image as it was shot originally.

Many thanks again to flight-lieutenant Karen Vandenbroucke and the helpful staff of the Belgian Army press division.

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